Yandere Simulator – The Naked Giant Titans and Info Chan

One of the most surprising features of Yandere Simulator is that you can make the giant naked titans appear. You can do this by pressing the T button at any time and half a dozen of naked titans will start roaming around the school while the epic Japanese music is playing. You can download yandere simulator talk or kill them with katana.

Info-Chan is the Gossip Girl in the Yandere Simulator. She can attract you using information cards from each person in the school that contain data that you would surely want to know – who fancies Senpai, who is he going out on a date. Info-Chan will ask something in return for the information she will give you. Based on the game style her demands are very creepy.

She will ask you to take panty shots from your classmates. You should take the shots using your phone and send it to her, and only the one that will satisfy her will get a reward.

This is only some of the personalities that Yandere-Chan can adopt. The developer has taken these ideas from other popular videogames.


Added features of Bus simulator

There are many other added features which make Bus simulator bus simulator 2016 2015 and bus simulator 2016 more popular among Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 addicts. While driving the bus you have to experience the chaos inside the bus caused by the passengers as well as special request from the passengers or unwanted incidents like locking of doors.

You have to follow street signs and avail traffic rules constantly and maintain a schedule to unlock new buses. Not only these targets but also you have to manage your own company by hiring drivers by looking after their skills and ability. You can also play Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 in a multi player mode in your friend circle.

You can also enjoy buses of different colors of your own choice by the method of customization. Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016 also allows you to customize cities according to your choice. Further, you can enjoy English voice in the background while driving the bus through the city roads.

  How To

Duck Life 4-Full Package

With the fame and success play duck life 4 of the first three versions of the game, the duck life, game developers launched the fourth version of the series with better graphics, maps, and several new skills to learn.
The main objective of duck life 4 is to enhance your skills by winning several competitions and races.

When you win a competition, you will get cash and many new ducks to select from and you will be able to select new maps for more races. In this installment of the game, you might also have to use 1 and 4 key to performs special actions apart from the general movements of the game.
You will have to unlock 6 different types of maps and make sure you get the invitation to take part in the tournament by beating a certain duck. You will get the following maps:
Grassland to train running
Swamp for swimming training
Mountains for flying training
Glacier to train climbing
City to train jumping
Volcano race against the world champion and must have all skills above a level of 120
Win the races in the tournaments of each map to earn money for your duck



Troll face Quest

Troll face quest is one of the best type of funny online game. Talking specific to this troll face quest game it has adventure in pointing and then clicking. Troll face quest game is about using your mind. By using your mind you go to the find the solutions and then solve the puzzle of it. By doing you are able to protect the face that is troll and going to be trolled by other faces.

This game is all about making fun and entertainment. As it is based troll face quest 13 on the solution of the puzzles it a playable for the children as well. The children and the elders can play this game online by using their minds.

Troll face quest is an adventurous and an easy game. It can be played by having control on your mouse. By having controls on your mind and the grip on your mouse you can play troll face quest game with more efficiency.

The funny characters showing the trolled faces are full of fun. With the increase in each level there is also an increase in the adventure and the difficulty level as well. Because if its increasing popularity it has now many further versions of the basic.


Vex – The Best Platform Game Ever

If you are thinking that flash platform games are easy to play, you need to think again, because Vex can give you headaches. Although there are not many good reviews about the graphics of this flash game, but there are plenty of reviews about the challenges that this game offers to the players. vex 3

The stick dude is ready to face more challenges as he progresses in the game. There are traps, spikes, ditches, and sharp lasers scattered all over the place, the stick due has to clear all these obstacles and touch the end flag by consuming least time in order to rank higher.

Control Keys
Like any other flash game, you can use the four arrow keys or the WSDA keys to control the movement of the stick dude. By using the same keys you can make him jump, bend, run forward, run backward and climb the walls.


Why Cheats are so important for playing GunBlood?

For every level there are cheats available for GunBlood. These are like keys or codes which provide special powers to the gamer and play gunblood game some advantage over his or her opponent. Since, the game requires the player to be very fast and this goes on increasing level after level, it becomes humanly impossible for anyone to progress further.

Cheats offer the solution to the most difficult problems and one can enter the code the right at the beginning of the level and enjoy playing the game without having to lose immediately. With the help of these codes or cheats gamers are able to progress to higher levels.

There are many websites which offer the codes and all cheats available are well known to everyone. So, when you start the game it is best to get your codes handy and enter them right when you start.



Tips and tricks to play Learn to Fly

There are certain basic things which gamers should keep in mind in every level. Though there will be different challenges and interesting upgrades but the tricks remain more or less the same. The upgrades are necessary and you must invest learn to fly 2 your money in lots of upgrades. Only when you improve your strength you can turn into a formidable adversary.

Upgrade the rocket to ensure longer stay and stronger flight. The idea is always to remain air borne for longer duration and attain a greater height. The speed should also rise higher and higher every time. A great session would only end up with more rewards which you have to utilize in more upgrades. You must imply wisdom in buying equipment and then upgrading the same. For example, it is wise to first buy the rocket and then invest in its upgrades. Your attention should then divert to glider and then upgrading it as it will help you to have a longer flight.


Unfair Mario Game – Description

Have you heard, or familiar with the game called “Unfair Mario”? Im pretty sure if you were born in the 90s era, then you are familiar with the game called SUPER MARIO. Unfair Mario is actually similar to it, but with a different unfair mario set-up. Let me give you some overview of its description so you will have a clearer picture of how the game is done.

Ive actually tried playing the game and to be honest, its very challenging for the fact that when you are playing the game (Unfair Mario), you will immediately notice that theres nothing about the game except to avoid those booby traps to be able to get to the final flag. However, taking it from the name of the game “unfair”, Unfair Mario is somewhat like the traditional Mario games except it appears that there are some countless traps in it that are unexpected. You wont know where the traps are set, you be surprised once you step into it.


Things you will not like about Earn to Die

There are some shortcomings in the game which will affect the gamers and the way they play the game. When the run is finished the gamer is offered the choice to run again or enter the garage.

In case the gamer chooses the option to run gain, they lose all the money. One has to go to the garage first and then go to the next level.  Since, there are no play earn to die 2 tutorials available for this game; initially most people make this mistake.

The car available in the initial stages is difficult to maneuver. You will be frustrated at its pokiness. This is so probably done to make people upgrade their vehicles.
The game can be a little monotonous if you don’t like the type of thrill it provides. Some people may not like to overcome the obstacles and earn money to upgrade through the different levels. The essence of the game involves upgrading the vehicles and utilizing resources carefully.