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1887 Cemetery "Vanished"

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

When Martin Allen's daughter, Clara, died at age 12 in 1874 he created a new cemetery at the southwest corner of what is now 27th and Vine street. The Allens did not want their daughter to be buried next to the unsavory inhabitants of Boot Hill Cemetery. This 1887 map shows the Catholic Cemetery and the Cemetery.

Even the 1887 map of Hays City did NOT label the Boot Hill Cemetery at the corner of Augustine (now 19th Street) and Fort Avenue (Now Fort Street). The street Augustine was named after Mrs. Allen; it was her maiden name. Boot Hill Cemetery was thought to occupy BLOCK 48 and BLOCK 47/33. Human remains were found decades later under the homes build on BLOCK 48 and 47/33 (what labeled as "eighth" is now 18th Street). A previous post describes the first house built on Augustine and Fort in 1908.

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