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Exhuming Bodies to Build a Road

Doreen Stadelman Deines Wente of Hays says her grandfather is in this photo: the man standing nearest the coffins who is holding his hands behind his back. I don't know the date of this photo, but I would guess it was after 1907 when the Shutts home was built. The Kansas Historical Society has it cataloged as 1885, but I don't think they moved the bodies until 1913. See the other post for details on exhuming remains in 1913. I suspect the city made multiple attempts to exhume the remains. I had read (somewhere) that 9 coffins were found on what is now 18th street between Main and Fort (a short street with about 8-9 house lots). If you read the inscription on this photo, it mentions that the graves were marked with "stones and markers" in 1884.

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