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Grand home built on Boot Hill

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Jacob P. Shutts and wife, Nellie, paid $120 for lots 2,4,6 & 8 in the Lebold Allen addition in 1908. The photo in the middle shows the street labeled as AUGUSTINE, but it is now renamed as 19th Street. The Shutts built a two-story home on four lots on the corner of Fort Street and 19th Street. The decorative concrete cinder blocks mimic the appearance of chiseled native limestone. This home is now painted a creme color. The photo on the far right shows the home in 1927. The information with that photo noted:

"when cellar was dug it had to be dug between the graves, one wet spring the son said his mother wanted to get milk. Two remains had fallen out of the wall and were on the floor."

The photo on the far left was taken in 2019 and shows the original house is still standing and occupied. The original home was converted into rental apartments. (vintage photo and plat map courtesy of Ellis County Historical Society in Hays, Kansas.)

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