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The Frontier Demimonde: Prostitution in Early Hays City, 1867-1883 by Hollie Marquess

Hollie Marquess is a scholar of history at Fort Hays State University. She discusses her publication in this 9-minute podcast:

This fascinating 18-page paper is a free PDF download in Google Scholar HERE. This paper mentions that the 'sporting woman' Lou Sherwood committed suicide in a dance hall and was the last resident of Hays City to be buried in the Boot Hill Cemetery in February 1874. She joined a dance hall worker also buried in Boot Hill – Mary Kidd, a black woman who had frozen to death.

Consider that Martin Allen's 12-year-old daughter, Clara, died on February 20, 1874 around the time of Miss Sherwood's very public suicide. This scandalous act may have been the motivation for Mr. and Mrs. Allen to donate the corner of his orchard as an official permanent city cemetery.

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